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Vision and Mission

  • To provide an educational foundation for a range of administrative and management careers in the hospitality industry.
  • To develop in the student, the ability to think logically, communicate clearly ,develop an eye for detail, cost consciousness and optimum utilization of time and energy.
  • To equip the students with a thorough understanding of the administrative and management process in the healthcare industry.
  • Maintenance of discipline, neat & pleasant appearance, and high level of personal and job hygiene which is extremely important in the healthcare industry.
  • To provide skills to manage in a computerized environment and capability to handle front office and back office functions.
  • Also to provide work ethics and adequate work habits essential for working in a team.
  • To develop appropriate skills and personal qualities of general importance and applicability in the IPD, OPD, Medical Records, Patient Relations and all other aspects of working life.
  • To equip students with the skill sets for senior management roles of various types of healthcare delivery units and awareness of social responsibilities that an organization owes to its employees & consulting doctors and patients.