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About Team Future

Team Future Story

There was a time when we, located in the eastern part of India, realized that southbound students, bursting out of trains, would leave their city to pursue their ambitions of higher technical education, as if their future was lost here. There rose the question of whether we could reverse this direction, at a time when the options, the state of West Bengal offered in terms of engineering, remained few and far between. Thus, was born Team Future!


Established in the year 2001, Team Future brings together a group of like-minded academicians and professionals from the industry to cultivate the wide angled learning culture which today, umbrellas the fields of engineering, management, school education, media, healthcare, publishing and more.


In a quick span of time, Future Institute of Engineering and Management and Future Business School, the first two initiatives of team future has established itself as a no-frills, quality and value driven institute and is considered to be among the top players spanning the landscape of private education providers in the state, by all stakeholders. Future Alumni spreads across India, USA, Canada, Europe, UAE and Australia. Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Fiskar, Volvo, Cummins and nearly all IT giants and consultants including PWC, Infosys, Cognizant, TCS, Wipro have been hiring Futurities. In addition to global placements and higher studies pursued by our student in renowned universities such as the IIMs, IITs, Jadavpur University and Yale University, among others. Team Future proudly celebrates a number of young entrepreneurs who form a part of our alumni.


Further Future Institute of Technology was established in the year 2014, followed by Future School of Hospital Management & Future Media School in the year 2015. Team Future also runs its own CBSE affiliated school, since 2005, at Sonarpur, in the name of Future Campus School, thus completing the entire education cycle starting from Kindergarten to post graduation.


Future Healthcare was set up in 2014, by Team Future, in association with visionaries from the medical profession and healthcare industry. It expects to excel in both preventive and therapeutic healthcare through its chain of diagnostic centers, polyclinics, multi-speciality and super-speciality hospitals and specialty care centers with tie ups with world leaders.


Team Future is research driven and chooses cutting edge technology as prime movers.

A story which began with a humble beginning is now a story of people, hard work and dedication.

A story of a team and its success.


Our Education Initiative